In the crypto space, everything moves fast, so we need to move very fast as well. We understand that flexibility, adaptability, and the ability to grasp new trends and pivot quickly are essential to survive and thrive in this industry.

It's a roadmap not a to-do list. Many features which are not included on the roadmap might be integrated into the product during the process of development.

🔻 Q2/2022:

  • Listing Pancakeswap

  • Adding $SEN to Bomb Crypto on BNB Chain

🔻 Q3/2022:

  • Staking $SEN

🔻 Q1/2024:

  • New tokenomics version 2 for Senspark token

  • HeroesTD game universe joins Senspark metaverse

🔻 Q2/2024:

  • Launching $SEN on Polygon

  • Bridging $SEN between BNB and Polygon

  • Adding $SEN to Bomb Crypto on Polygon

  • Staking $SEN on Polygon

🔻 Q3/2024:

  • Planning

🔻 Q4/2024:

  • First Beta Metaverse Client with only ONE feature.

🔻 Q1/2025:

🔻 Q2/2025:

🔻 Q3/2025:

🔻 Q4/2025:

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