🎮Senspark Games

The global gaming industry has been thriving, with global revenues estimated at $180 billion, and growing rapidly due to the covid pandemic. We have more than 10 years in the field of designing and operating mobile games that have attracted more than 100 million users, along with the growth of the gamefi market we are gradually bringing our game system to the market. This is to anticipate the trend of gameplay & earn in the future.

Bomb Crypto is proof of our 10-year achievement of attracting over 1 million crypto users in just 4 months of operation. Currently, the number of daily active users is over 600,000 people despite the cooling market, which shows that the demand in the gamefi market is huge.

To meet the above demand, we are constantly developing new products and improving the quality of old products to build a stable and sustainable ecosystem. At the same time, we will launch SEN coin to help support the economic development of current products and all new products in the future.

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