💠Token Use Case

SEN is an ERC20 token, also serving as an additional token within games of the ecosystem and as a utility token in the Senspark Metaverse. It enables the next billion users to fully engage in the on-chain metaverse, offering entertainment, finance, and spirituality.

Senspark Token Use case (Todo: rework)

♦️ Used to purchase essential items in all the games developed by Senspark.

♦️ Used for in-game features such as upgrade, reset, lottery...

♦️ Used as fees for exchange on the market.

♦️ Used as reward claiming fees.

♦️ Used to buy items and participate in Metaverse events.

♦️ DAO for Senspark Game Based Metaverse

♦️ Used for paying gas fees for in-game activities.

♦️ Coordinated with Off Chain system and combined with SEN (currency for transactions in the Off Chain system).

♦️ Used for booking in-game/web advertising in SENSPARK's ecosystem products.

How do we handle inflation? (Todo: rework)

Senspark token is applied across the entire ecosystem including all Gamefi and Metaverse, we have more than 1 million active users on this platform so there is a huge demand for actual token consumption for shopping essential NFTs, participating in social networks, e-commerce, and participating in activities within the platform, will help reduce inflation, combined with a scientific coin burn system based on user data will help the coin sustainable development of money, bringing great benefits to participating investors and holders. In addition, we actively adjust the mining capacity of this coin based on the actual situation to ensure that there are not too many tokens circulating in the market.

SEN HOLDERS by Product

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