Community Rules

The rules in this section are generally applicable to the entire Senspark community. Welcome to the Senspark community, please read the following terms before participating in community activities. If you are under the age of 18, please read this regulation with your legal guardian. Each user's comments, postings, replies and other actions in the Senspark community will be deemed to have read and agreed to these terms and obey the management of the Senspark community team.
To maintain a community of player support and better communication. The Senspark team will manage the users who are participating on the chat channels, forums, the Senspark platform and the content published in the Senspark community in accordance with these terms.
Measures taken include: changing or deleting published content, user avatars and nicknames, banning accounts, etc. If the circumstances are serious, the user will bear the legal responsibilities.
In the Senspark community, every user has the right to freedom of speech. However, it is not allowed to use comments, postings, replies, etc. in the Senspark community to publish and disseminate information containing the following content:

1 . Laws and Regulation

1.1 Oppose the basic principles established by the local constitution of the user;
1.2 Inciting ethnic hatred and ethnic discrimination;
1.3 Destroy the religious policy of the country where the user is located, and promote cults;
1.4 Promote pornography, violence, murder, terror or instigate crime;
1.5 Inciting illegal demonstrations, gathering crowds to disrupt the local social order of users;

2. Platform

2.1 Nicknames, avatars or cover pictures involve or insinuate political, pornographic, or violent content;
2.2 Nicknames in the form of duplicate names (including word changes), ridiculing individual, firm or celebrities, personal attacks, content with spoofs or copycat official accounts;
2.3 Nicknames and signatures with advertising;
2.4 Frequent registration of accounts to violate community regulations;

3. Posts

3.1 Containing resource sharing content such as magnet links, hash codes, etc., it is forbidden to publish other games, community's, platforms and links to induce behavior;
3.2 Content that affects others’ use of the forum or caused offense, including the ganging up, causing conflict, personal attacks, malicious play, quarrels, malicious satire;
3.3 Malicious speculation, unprovoked associations, malicious misrepresentation, spreading rumors, or forging official content, publishing unconfirmed news, etc.;
3.4 Contents that contain pornography, violence, advertisements, addictive drugs, or content that violates personal privacy, such as exposure, voyeurism, etc., and contain any major social events, news, national, political discussions, and various related extremes, Innuendo remarks;
3.5 The content has nothing to do with the subject, or the subject is game on other non-Senspark platforms;
3.6 Maliciously guide uninstall, guide the use of a BUG for profit, use a BUG to mock etc.;
3.7 Content that opposes the views of other authors without quoting real data, game screenshots or videos;
3.8 Plagiarism works that do not indicate the author and source, and post content that is not allowed to be reprinted;

4. Comments and Reply

5.1 Promote pornography, gambling, violence and other content that violates the laws and regulations of the country where the user is located;
5.2 Complaints and reports in the form of replying to reviews or posts of the game, including but not limited to the following forms: reported, fake news;
5.3 Contents that are likely to cause arguments, including but not limited to the following forms: This game is much better than XXX;
5.4 Taunting, provoking, humiliating, swearing, attacking, speculating, citing responses to the content of other players, and other content that does not respect the users of community, including but not limited to the following forms: no brain of the person playing this game;
5.5 Publish advertisements, including but not limited to the following forms: trading account, unofficial promotion group; or content that induces players to leave email, Telegram, WhatsApp and other contact information;
5.6 Share cracking/unofficial game installation packages; or use bugs in the game to maliciously change game data or get props, and use plug-ins;
5.7 Frequently post replies with the same or similar content, or other content that is meaningless or irrelevant to the game;

5. Violations and Appeals

A. About Violation

1.1 Violations of the rules will be processed in accordance with the rules such as delete posts, delete comments, move out of board, and banned;
1.2 All violations will affect your right to speak.

B. About Appeal

Appeal process

When your post or reply has been deleted, or account has been banned, please follow the step below to appeal: 1. Contact the authorized admins who are active in the community; 2. Provide a screenshot of your notification center system notification, we will provide your banned record, and find the operating moderator to explain the reason for the ban; *The community does not accept any deletion of posts, deletion of replies, and banning related processing;

Special Note

If the following situations occur, your appeal may not be accepted; if the attitude is extremely bad, the team will re-evaluate your community silence time. Personally attack the moderator; Viciously deny violations; Deviate from the subject of the complaint and maliciously guide to other issues.

6. Rules of Image Upload

If you upload photos to the Senspark communities, you need to agree to the following terms. The image you upload must not contain:
(1) Violation of local laws, endangering society, harming social morality, insulting, slandering, obscene, or containing any sexual, bloody and violent content; (2) Content that infringes on the legal rights of others' reputation rights, portrait rights, intellectual property rights, trade secrets, etc.; (3) Involving other people's privacy, personal information or data; (4) Harassment, advertising information and spam; (5) With offensive words and excessive terror;

Picture upload rules

The image you upload must be closely related to the game, and unworthy pictures will be hidden or deleted by the administrator; The images you upload must not contain any non-compliant watermarks; The image you upload must match the game board;