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️⚡ Introduction

Senspark (SEN) is a token used to build a platform to support the financial and economic system applied to GameFi and Metaverse products in the ecosystem of Senspark and its partners.
SEN uses a revolutionary token economy system that combines the advantages of DeFi and NFT, and uses financial mechanics and game systems to empower players. Create a truly unique and lasting play for the monetization ecosystem.
Short-term: becomes a platform to help expand the ability to serve a large number of users who are participating in the Gamefi ecosystem. By paying a partial reward. Players holding SEN tokens can participate in the decision-making process and receive many benefits on the metaverse platform.
Long-term: Senspark Metaverse is a decentralized virtual reality social networking platform that allows users to participate and experience all activities such as e-commerce, business, meeting, entertainment, private space , farming, connecting with cross-platform NFT systems and economic systems that are scientifically designed and sustainable. Players from all over the world would gather in this vast space.