Staking and Staking Reward

Staking SEN
By staking your SEN when you lock up your tokens via the staking dashboard, you will be able to earn SEN rewards.
Staking is our way of showing appreciation to the community for locking up their SEN tokens and adopting a long-term perspective.
The more SEN you pledge, the higher the rewards you will receive.
All you have to do is staking your SEN tokens. This allows you to earn while you sleep!
Unlocking Timeline
After the first staking round, we will consider the community's feedback for the next one.
Mint 3,300,300 SEN tx: 0xde8bdcb74c571d75df6ca76a57e92f9aebf43f6dcc31869fdd7d64d74563068e
Transfer tx: 0x2b541dad0c4b552eb15cd3f0b07c5d2846763a629dc2e7df94b5c48282fc3772