Token Operation

Diagram Description

*Smart contracts 1:
BHERO - 0x30cc0553f6fa1faf6d7847891b9b36eb559dc618
BHOUSE - 0xea3516feb8f3e387eec3004330fd30aff615496a
**Smart contracts 2:
BHERO Market - 0x376a10e7f125a4e0a567cc08043c695cd8edd704
BHOUSE Market - 0x049896f350c802cd5c91134e5f35ec55fa8f0108
All SEN tokens transferred to Smart contracts 1 every day will be divided into 2 parts:
  • To Farm: The part of the tokens that will be used as rewards for users.
  • To Burn: The part of the tokens that will be removed from the system, this part will account for at least 50% of the total spend.
In addition, we will also burn two types of fees: market spending fees (All SEN tokens will be transferred to contract 2) and reward claiming fees.
Every day there will be a new amount of tokens generated based on the number of unique wallet addresses interacting with dapp's smart contracts
Tokens are minted following this formula: SEN = 200 * DAU (on-chain)
Users can see the number of DAU at:​
This generated part will be divided into 3 parts:
  • Projects: used as rewards for users which is about 83%
  • Marketing & Development: used to pay for marketing, development, and operation costs (about 5%)
  • Devs: used for development teams which is about 12% and locked 2 years
Marketing & development wallet: 0x38e6a16fd5Ea6E0992Ae283ebD9a44227754FCb2
Devs wallet (locked 2 years): 0xCa99d18db5C7D5BB18FBdC39De89CDE7F41bD517